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Fatima: The World's Only Hope

As politicians gather to bicker and bargain and choose their candidates for the next presidential election this summer, Our Lady's Army of Advocates will be holding its own convention in St. Louis. There, we will pledge ourselves to the only plan that can save us from the false promises and failed leadership of those who think the world can be governed without God: the plan given by Our Lady of Fatima. No political platforms, no hollow speeches by ambitious men, will deliver us from the growing chaos and violence. Heaven's plan is our only hope. Join us in St. Louis as we proclaim that hope.

Countdown to 2017

As we near the 100th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions, the words of Our Lord to Sister Lucy should resonate in our minds and hearts: He warned that unless the Fatima Message were obeyed, His ministers would follow the king of France into misfortune. That misfortune occurred 100 years after the kings of France refused His request to consecrate their nation to His Sacred Heart. The king was deposed and later decapitated. Almost 100 years has passed since Our Lady requested the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. What misfortune awaits us!?! The time to obey Our Lady is now! Join us in Chicago as we make the case for immediate action by the Pope and the bishops to comply with Heaven's request before it is too late!

Please join us in our Saturday night procession to honor Our Blessed Mother

Honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary on Saturday was first encouraged by Benedictine Monk St. Alcuin (735-804). He set aside two Votive Masses on Saturday honoring Our Lady – a practice earnestly embraced by clergy and laity alike. It was in the early centuries of the Church that Saturday acquired its great Marian tone. The Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Saturday eventually became the Common of the Blessed Virgin. It made theological sense to dedicate Saturday to Our Lady since it is the day Creation was completed, so it is also lauded as the day of fulfillment of the plan of salvation which came to fruition through Our Lady. So, dedicating Saturday Masses to the Blessed Virgin became tradition especially in cloister churches of various orders. Paying homage to Our Lady with Saturday Masses quickly spread throughout the whole Church.

Rain or Shine
We will gather in the Hotel lobby at 9:15pm
Candles and holders will be supplied


“We are not helpless! We have the weapons to win in our hands and victory is guaranteed!” This is the message that Father Nicholas Gruner proclaimed to all who would listen. This is the message he carried to every corner of the world through Our Lady’s Apostolate. And this is the message “Our Lady’s Army of Advocates” is bringing to Boston, St. Louis and Chicago in 2016!

“In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.” So said Our Lady of Fatima. But the day of that triumph can be hastened or delayed, depending upon us. Delay will mean great suffering, as chastisements will be poured upon the Earth until it turns its eyes to Heaven. But grace can also descend upon us if we do all in our power to bring about obedience to Our Lady of Fatima and Her requests.

We are members of the Church Militant, and we are in a spiritual battle – a final battle for the salvation of countless souls and the fate of the world! Join us! You can’t sit this one out. There are no non-combatants. Becoming an advocate can be as simple as pledging to say three Hail Marys each day for the conversion of Russia. Or it can be much more, depending upon your circumstances and your willingness to serve Our Lady in this great cause.




Theologians are of the opinion that St. Michael surpasses in glory and power over all the other Angels in Heaven.

The fearlessness and fidelity of this mighty champion roused into battle between the good and the bad angels which St. John describes in the Apocalypse: "And there was a great battle in Heaven, Michael and his Angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels: And they prevailed not, neither was their place found any more in Heaven. And that great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, who is called the devil and satan, who seduceth the whole world." (Apoc. 12:7-9)